Always Shining: LIGHT Lab Created Moissanite

Everyone has heard of diamond, the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth.

It is considered rare and is coveted for its beauty and durability. As such, diamond is frequently used in the making of jewelry. Naturally occurring diamond is mined from the earth, and has been the subject of much debate on ethical and responsible sourcing.

But have you heard of Moissanite, a naturally occurring rare mineral of extraordinary durability and fire?

Originally discovered in 1893 by Dr. Henri Moissan, Moissanite (pronounced moys-uh-nite) traces its origins to a meteor crater in Arizona where crystalline particles of silicon carbide were first found. Recognizing the potential of these tiny crystals to rival the most brilliant gemstones, Dr. Moissan and subsequent scientists worked hard to produce Moissanite in a laboratory, ultimately creating nearly colorless crystals large enough to be cut into dazzling gemstones.

PURE Light and TRUE Light Lab Created Moissanite™ are a triumph of art, science and human innovation.

Produced in a controlled, state-of-the-art environment that ensures consistent quality, large silicon carbide crystals are grown, then exactingly cut and polished by lapidaries of exceptional skill into PURE Light and TRUE Light gemstones. Since these gemstones are lab created, not mined from the earth, they are responsible alternatives to mined gemstones, providing wearers with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

PURE Light and TRUE Light Lab Created Moissanite™ are gems par excellence for the finest jewelry creations.

Measuring 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale, Moissanite is more resistant to scratches than sapphires or rubies, and its toughness exceeds diamonds. With a refractive index of 2.65 – 2.69 and a dispersion that is 2.4 times higher than diamond, Moissanite is significantly more brilliant that any other natural or manmade gemstone. PURE Light Lab Created Moissanite™ are intensely white, colorless gemstones, ranging from D to F in color, while TRUE Light Lab Created Moissanite™ are bright, nearly colorless white gemstones, with colors ranging from G to I. Both are polished to a luster that is equal to diamond. PURE Light and TRUE Light Moissanite™ gemstones are made of the newest type of Moissanite crystal (4H SiC). They do not exhibit the same color change effect as older material and therefore PURE Light and TRUE Light Lab Created Moissanite™ gemstones can truly grade colorless and near colorless.

Benefits of Lab Created Moissanite


Superior hardness, toughness and stability make it suitable for daily wear with a brilliance that will last forever.


Lab created with minimal environmental impact, supports the local economy and fairly traded.


Lower cost per carat than many other gemstones and lower premiums for larger sizes make it a particularly good choice for bold designs.